Puresporter – Interview

First of all, thank you for giving us a little time for this interview. Within the framework of the gravel cup, we wanted to ask our partners about the practice of gravel but first of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Thank you for welcoming me! Jérôme, young entrepreneur of 39 years old, married and father of 3 little girls. Amateur sportsman, especially running and cycling (gravel ^^). Sport is an integral part of my balance, physical and mental.

How did you discover gravel?

I discovered gravel two years ago via a bunch of friends, who in turn discovered it via their friends…

At that time, I was looking to replace my mountain bike that was giving up the ghost. I was able to try a friend’s gravel bike and I bought one right away.

I love it, it’s very complete: it allows me to ride almost anywhere, without having to plan to the extreme. As soon as a road, path, trail seems nice, I go there without apprehension.

On the other hand, if I want to ride longer distances, preferring faster and more rolling roads, it’s perfect too.

What I particularly appreciate: riding in the evening. Watching a sunset while riding on a trail through the fields, what a blast!

It’s a growing discipline. How do you explain the gravel craze?

I think that the return to a light, relatively comfortable bike that can be ridden anywhere, hard and long is at the origin of the craze.

The return to simple things (contrary to mountain bikes which became more and more complex) also attracted a lot of people even if things are already changing: gravels follow more and more the codes of mountain bikes (forks, suspension,…)

In short, the gravel bike is synonymous with freedom and versatility.

What is Puresporter? How did the project start?

Puresporter was born in the shower 😀

As a sportsman, we regularly take showers. I asked myself if what I was putting on my skin daily was good and suitable.

The answer is unfortunately quite often no.

With Puresporter, we offer the healthiest shower products possible with a special focus on skin health, meaning working in symbiosis with the skin’s microbiome.

That’s why our shower bar combines the effects of a gentle, skin-friendly cleanser with a hydrating cream that soothes, repairs the skin natural barrier and hydrates the skin.

We offer a very easy health routine for the body & face with a unique product. Achieving a healthy skin has never been easier.

Puresporter products are particularly well suited for athletes because their skin is often stressed by the weather, sweat, pollution and repeated showers.

Another important aspect of Puresporter was to reconcile health and sustainability.

This is why we offer our products in solid form. We want first of all, to reduce the use of plastic in our bathrooms: shower products have a short life span and thus create a lot of waste.

Our products are made in Belgium and its ingredients are biodegradable

Each of us has a role to play in the respect of our planet and the protection of our environment.

What are the ambitions of puresporter?

We want to become your skin’s coach so that, day after day, it becomes stronger and more resistant to the various aggressions and the effects of time. And your skin will be & feel healthier from the first use.

Puresporter wants to make people aware of the fact that health also means healthy skin: Most people know that sport and a balanced diet are vital elements for good health, but most people are unaware of the essential role of the skin. The skin is often overlooked in the holistic approach to health.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, is in continuous contact with the outside world and is responsible for vital functions, including a role of physical and immune protection against various aggressions (UV, wind, pollution, …).

A healthy skin will manifest itself by two aspects: an aesthetic aspect (pleasant, soft skin, without impurities) and a more medical aspect (no inflammations, infections, diseases).

The last word? Something you would like to share?

Sport hart, shower smart 😀 and have a good ride!

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