Opale recon.

February 22 full recon of the Opale edition.

We were 3 and it was not too much with the wind blowing 30knots with 45knots gusts.

We travelled light : frame bag or saddle bag has we planned to sleep at the Hotel de la Plage in Wissant – Half of the route (+/-155km).

It was one the most difficult ride (or adventure) we’ve ever done because of the strong wind. However, we had sun and nice temperatures almost all day long. The route is pretty amazing and landscapes are varied. We missed the sunset in “Cap Blanc Nez” for few minutes and didn’t had the chance to see the beautiful view before the end of the first day. Anyway, it was raining and cloudy so we didn’t missed that much 😀

After a good diner and night, we started with an even stronger wind on the next day and the rain. We were already completely wet after 30 minutes. We had to ait the first stop near Saint-Omer (because of a double flat tire) to eat, drink and warm up at Mc Donalds !

The end of the GPX is very flat and were smouth.

We complete the 300km in 16hours (excluding pauses).

Be ready for the opale edition – 26/27 March 2022.