Puresporter – Interview

First of all, thank you for giving us a little time for this interview. Within the framework of the gravel cup, we wanted to ask our partners about the practice of gravel but first of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Thank you for welcoming me! Jérôme, young entrepreneur of 39 years old, married and father of 3 little girls. Amateur sportsman, especially running and cycling (gravel ^^). Sport is an integral part of my balance, physical and mental.

How did you discover gravel?

I discovered gravel two years ago via a bunch of friends, who in turn discovered it via their friends…

At that time, I was looking to replace my mountain bike that was giving up the ghost. I was able to try a friend’s gravel bike and I bought one right away.

I love it, it’s very complete: it allows me to ride almost anywhere, without having to plan to the extreme. As soon as a road, path, trail seems nice, I go there without apprehension.

On the other hand, if I want to ride longer distances, preferring faster and more rolling roads, it’s perfect too.

What I particularly appreciate: riding in the evening. Watching a sunset while riding on a trail through the fields, what a blast!

It’s a growing discipline. How do you explain the gravel craze?

I think that the return to a light, relatively comfortable bike that can be ridden anywhere, hard and long is at the origin of the craze.

The return to simple things (contrary to mountain bikes which became more and more complex) also attracted a lot of people even if things are already changing: gravels follow more and more the codes of mountain bikes (forks, suspension,…)

In short, the gravel bike is synonymous with freedom and versatility.

What is Puresporter? How did the project start?

Puresporter was born in the shower 😀

As a sportsman, we regularly take showers. I asked myself if what I was putting on my skin daily was good and suitable.

The answer is unfortunately quite often no.

With Puresporter, we offer the healthiest shower products possible with a special focus on skin health, meaning working in symbiosis with the skin’s microbiome.

That’s why our shower bar combines the effects of a gentle, skin-friendly cleanser with a hydrating cream that soothes, repairs the skin natural barrier and hydrates the skin.

We offer a very easy health routine for the body & face with a unique product. Achieving a healthy skin has never been easier.

Puresporter products are particularly well suited for athletes because their skin is often stressed by the weather, sweat, pollution and repeated showers.

Another important aspect of Puresporter was to reconcile health and sustainability.

This is why we offer our products in solid form. We want first of all, to reduce the use of plastic in our bathrooms: shower products have a short life span and thus create a lot of waste.

Our products are made in Belgium and its ingredients are biodegradable

Each of us has a role to play in the respect of our planet and the protection of our environment.

What are the ambitions of puresporter?

We want to become your skin’s coach so that, day after day, it becomes stronger and more resistant to the various aggressions and the effects of time. And your skin will be & feel healthier from the first use.

Puresporter wants to make people aware of the fact that health also means healthy skin: Most people know that sport and a balanced diet are vital elements for good health, but most people are unaware of the essential role of the skin. The skin is often overlooked in the holistic approach to health.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, is in continuous contact with the outside world and is responsible for vital functions, including a role of physical and immune protection against various aggressions (UV, wind, pollution, …).

A healthy skin will manifest itself by two aspects: an aesthetic aspect (pleasant, soft skin, without impurities) and a more medical aspect (no inflammations, infections, diseases).

The last word? Something you would like to share?

Sport hart, shower smart 😀 and have a good ride!

For more information about Puresporter, you can check their website here.

And follow them on Facebook & Instagram

Gravel Cup X Gravelpassion

How to refuel in ultra distance gravel? 

Enjoying a gravel ride also means knowing how to listen to your body! Giving it the necessary fuel is therefore essential to avoid the famous hunger pangs. Discover our complete guide on nutrition and hydration during a gravel ride and during the effort. 

Hydration in gravel: a key concept neglected?

Remember this basic principle. Your body is an engine that needs fuel. To avoid running out of fuel, it is better to prevent than to cure!

Hydration in gravel is essential. It must become a habit rather than a “constraint”.

I advise you to drink small sips but very regularly. Advising you a quantity is tricky because it depends on a lot of internal and external factors.

👉 Indeed, depending on the intensity of the effort, the outside temperature, your sweating,… We do not all have the same needs!

But it is considered that 500ml of water per hour of effort is a fair balance to avoid dehydration.

At the beginning, drinking such a quantity may not be natural. Force yourself to take small sips at set times.

As far as the drink is concerned, initially water will do the trick. There is no need to buy isotonic or carbohydrate drinks to start gravelling. If you really want to keep a sweet note, syrup can be added in small quantities (especially to remove the smell of some new cans).

In winter, and if you have an insulated canister, opt for a hot drink like an infusion! This allows the body to maintain a proper temperature more easily (and therefore use less energy).

💡 The trick: program alerts on your GPS meter! Every 10′ for example, a beep can sound to remind you to drink. 

What to eat during a gravel ride?

Concerning solid food, it all depends on what your body tolerates or not as well as your preferences.

Some will only eat fruit pastes while others will need a richer and more varied diet.

Also, it all depends on what you eat before you go out cycling.

Personally, after a hearty breakfast, I know I can go 2 or 3 hours without eating anything but water.

But if you go out on an empty stomach or almost, it changes the situation ;).

We must also differentiate our nutrition according to the duration and intensity of the gravel ride.

A short and intense ride of one hour should be possible without any worries using the energy resources in reserve. 

Beyond that, you will have to start thinking about your energy plan. A solid part (bars, gels,…) and a liquid part (carbohydrates). On even longer rides (half day), think about varying your rations by alternating sweet and salty for example.

Make sure you eat early enough in the run to avoid hunger pangs. It is often recommended to eat fast sugars (fast carbohydrates) to quickly recharge the batteries.

The specificities of bikepacking and ultra-distance

Today, gravel is also about longer and longer events. Eating well will depend on your objectives:

If you are aiming for the time: the objective is to lose as little time as possible. And eating can quickly make you lose a few precious seconds / minutes. That’s why, on a race like 300 or 350km, you should avoid any nutritional stop like a bakery break. It is better to plan ahead according to your preferences.

The banana taped to the aerobars 🍌.

On longer events, there are two options:

  • At the beginning of the day, you build up as many reserves as possible for the next few hours of cycling.
  • You take nutrition breaks at set times (for example every 4 hours).

If your objective is above all to finish the event, the time takes second place. You should not hesitate to “lose” time in order to gain time later on.

Here again, the stops should mark mental “stages”. For example, a nutrition break every 50km to refuel.

Preparing your body to eat less: a good idea?

In view of certain bikepacking events, many of us want to reduce the feeling of hunger and work on eating less during training.

The principle is simple: if all year long, you get your body used to eating a fruit paste every 30 minutes, on the D-day, the protocol should remain the same.

On the other hand, if the athlete gets his body used to pushing back the feeling of hunger, it is always a gain once in the race.

Nevertheless, this requires a perfect knowledge of oneself. I do not recommend it if you are a beginner in the discipline.

Nutrition brands for gravel

Special sport nutrition for effort exists since many years but I keep it exclusively for the competitions. Too sweet, bad digestion,… In short, the disadvantages were multiple. But today, there are several natural alternatives that are healthy, tasty but also efficient for the long rides. No more long lists of sweeteners and pompous marketing.

Among them is Coup D’Barre, a young belgian brand who seduced us with their natural cereal bars. This is why Gravel Cup decided to partner with them for our upcoming events.

Written by Gravel Passion 

Translated by Gravel Cup

Opale recon.

February 22 full recon of the Opale edition.

We were 3 and it was not too much with the wind blowing 30knots with 45knots gusts.

We travelled light : frame bag or saddle bag has we planned to sleep at the Hotel de la Plage in Wissant – Half of the route (+/-155km).

It was one the most difficult ride (or adventure) we’ve ever done because of the strong wind. However, we had sun and nice temperatures almost all day long. The route is pretty amazing and landscapes are varied. We missed the sunset in “Cap Blanc Nez” for few minutes and didn’t had the chance to see the beautiful view before the end of the first day. Anyway, it was raining and cloudy so we didn’t missed that much 😀

After a good diner and night, we started with an even stronger wind on the next day and the rain. We were already completely wet after 30 minutes. We had to ait the first stop near Saint-Omer (because of a double flat tire) to eat, drink and warm up at Mc Donalds !

The end of the GPX is very flat and were smouth.

We complete the 300km in 16hours (excluding pauses).

Be ready for the opale edition – 26/27 March 2022.