Author: Aurel

Puresporter – Interview

First of all, thank you for giving us a little time for this interview. Within the framework of the gravel cup, we wanted to ask our partners about the practice of gravel but first of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words? Thank you for welcoming me! Jérôme, young entrepreneur of 39 years […]

Gravel Cup X Gravelpassion

How to refuel in ultra distance gravel?  Enjoying a gravel ride also means knowing how to listen to your body! Giving it the necessary fuel is therefore essential to avoid the famous hunger pangs. Discover our complete guide on nutrition and hydration during a gravel ride and during the effort.  Hydration in gravel: a key […]

Opale recon.

February 22 full recon of the Opale edition. We were 3 and it was not too much with the wind blowing 30knots with 45knots gusts. We travelled light : frame bag or saddle bag has we planned to sleep at the Hotel de la Plage in Wissant – Half of the route (+/-155km). It was […]