About us

The Gravel Cup is a series of gravel rides. All around the year, we explore several regions through 300km self-supported micro adventures.

Ultra distance

Why 300km? Because 100km or 200km is easy. Most cycling aficionados are familiar with these distances, but 300km is usually where the comfort zone truly stops for most of us. This is where things get complicated. This is where we start digging deep both physically and mentally. This is what gives you a true feeling of accomplishment.

Off the beaten track

We ride away from the city. We ride away from the traffic. We ride away from the crowd. It’s an adventure between you and the big wild. You have to handle weather conditions, technical single tracks, dirty roads and slippery terrain. But this is what makes it a unique experience where every kilometer will be worth it. 

Self Supported

In an adventure, you rely on yourself. You have to manage on your own your hydration, nutrition, mechanical issues, sleep and most importantly your orientation. Whether you choose to ride solo or in a group, it will be the opportunity to explore yourself or build strong bonds with your cycling buddies. 

Who we are? 

Gravel Cup was born out of the meeting of two entrepreneurs with a passion for cycling and adventure. 

Aurélien is the founder of Stiff Bicycle Factory, a young Franco-Belgian brand who specialises on tailored gravel bikes. You choose the components and get a unique bike. 
Olivier is the founder of OHANA, a young endurance sport textile brand based in Belgium. Whether you swim, bike, run or chill, we get you covered!